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Synopsis: What is Love? Depending on what dictionary you pick up, it has over 20 meanings. Love, as listed in Etymology, is the feeling of love. Both methods (dictionary or etymology) are too general and can lead one to believe they're based on our own internal feelings.

Our minds are our minds, which is a huge part of deciding what love feels like to us.

The feelings of love we had when we were born are those we should still carry today in every aspect of our lives. It's our right we had when we were born; it's our right we should still have today.

There is a difference between the dictionary meaning of love and what we feel as women or men. If not, how do we do different things and say it's love, but to others, it's not?

What many choose to say is that love comes from the words of others, learned from a dictionary. How many choose to love is tainted by the trauma(s) one has experienced. Those experiences could come from an arrangement of things, but they are still part of how we project the love we feel.

We feel what we feel, surrounded by much of what we constantly think. If your thoughts of someone are primarily negative, the love projected from you is going to be negative. It is not them who have difficulty showing love; it is you! If your thoughts are primarily good, the love projected from you is good.

Before having what you may feel is a difficult conversation, smile first; if that doesn't feel natural, you are not ready for that conversation.

Smiling seems to always brighten up a room, like the sun. Who doesn't love the Sun.

Smile more, and you will internally heal (I'm still healing)!

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